Maboul Basmati

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Dig Dug, disquaire fraichement installé à Paris crée par Ségur & Mister Modo !

@user-212306431 is as versed in classic references like jazz, funk, soul and house, as in French indie and obscure pop. His show on Rinse, the “French Vortex mode”, gathers his edgier and more obscure finds of all eras, as if time-traveling through French sound culture.

Catch Maboul Basmati every 4th Thursday of the month, from 14h to 16h [CET] on

  • Tia Blake & her Folk-Group
  • Zenzile
  • Gabriel Yared
  • Cinephonic
  • Forever Pavot
  • Roland Romanelli
  • Stella
  • Micky Milan
  • Aldorande
  • .Préface
  • David Simon
  • The Groove Embassy
  • Django Reinhardt
  • Lise Medini
  • Jean Ferrat
  • Antoine Arjac
  • Gérard Vincent
  • Matiosek
  • Dan Ar Braz
  • Surya
  • Jean Vasca
  • Jean-Pierre Marchand
  • Joseph Dejean
  • Hananel
  • Playin' 4 the city
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Des profils comme Maboul Basmati, on n’en croise pas tous les jours.