From Paris to MTP : Piñata Radio et Rinse France s’associent le temps d’un week-end pour une programmation très spéciale au Rockstore, à Montpellier ! Une connection nord-sud à ne pas manquer !
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New Resident

Miley Serious, offers a connection between her two greatest influences: a love for club music combined with an industrial post-punk aesthetic. But above all, she is 'an artist who lives for her numerous passions. She is a collector, not only of music but also of fashion, zines, and more.
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Roche Musique 10th Anniversary

Roche Musique is celebrating a decade of beats and vibes this year! To mark this milestone, they're taking over the airwaves at Rinse France for 4 hours of exclusive DJ sets, featuring Didi Han, Cezaire, Crayon, Katuchat, and Zimmer. Tune in for a musical journey like no other!

New Resident