CalvoMusic - a member of “Global Localz” & former 1/5 of “The Hypies” began producing in 2011, gaining momentum through the direct Baltimore Club Dance scene & SoundCloud for several years going forward. 7 years later, with the goal to go a new direction, he would establish "New Club Waves” a style of club music incorporating several inspirational sounds mixed with the examples of Baltimore Club Calvo grew up hearing, as well as rhythmic comprehension stemming from playing African Drum in school. CalvoMusic has done for stations such as NTS Radio, Rinse FM , KEXP Fm, Dublab and many more. Releasing songs such as No Strings with Emince Records In 2019, “We From Baltimore” a viral edit which would become a city classic in 2020, He then released a debut project with Night Slugs in 2021. With recent works such as “Summer Pack EP” in 2022, and “Hollis Waves” , a project of Club Music remixes of TaylorGang artist “Kris Hollis”, CalvoMusic began focusing more on his mixing capabilities, adding fresh club music to the collection to please the crowds.


Clasico is a new label focussed on cutting edge club music from a global roster of artists, brought to you by Rinse resident ELEANOR.