Based in nyc, x3butterfly has lived a pretty nomadic lifestyle, moving between detroit, california, europe and nyc. before the x3butterfly we see today, the project has had many iterations – cocooning and shapeshifting in different forms inspired by their teachings at calarts, the industrial sounds of throbbing gristle and coil, drag shows and club nights in berlin, and the sounds of the uk and detroit. whilst in berlin, x3butterfly explored live performance art, bringing their spoken word and dance practice to the club space and due to their performance on hör a few years ago, they have since broken through as a dj with standout gigs in mexico, germany, denmark, greece, as well as a multitude of cities in the us. now a rising star within nyc’s club fixture where they say their ‘career has never been better’, x3butterfly recently performed for boiler room, played at events with the likes of kaytranada, vtss, acemo and has released a gender fluid collaboration with official rebrand.


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