Always keeping us on our toes, and keeping the energy levels high, we hear something new every time we listen to Kush Jones. Originally from the Bronx, Jones has an extensive portfolio that shifts across the spectrum of electronic music with ease, with heavy elements of Chicago Footwork and Juke, genres that inspired him early on in his career. Long-standing member & label regular of revered international DJ crew Juke Bounce Werk since 2015, Kush’s productions have garnered the respect of Footwork pioneer, RP Boo, amongst others. Although he’s known as a champion of Footwork, many of his releases cross into elements of House and Techno, reflecting the subtleties of his personality, with his tracks creating an atmosphere suited for any dancefloor scenario. Although he keeps us guessing, moving between Footwork, House, Jungle, Baltimore and Ghetto (to name a few) seamlessly, we know that whatever Kush comes with - he always comes correct.