Indigo Reign

Bringing you the best in soulful drum and bass mixed with a slice of inspiration, culture, community and lyricism to kick-start your weekend.

The first female MC ever, to have a show on Kool FM, going back as early as the mid-nineties was the first female to win the Kool Skool MC competition and one of the first Female MC’s in Jungle D&B period. Kool FM has been instrumental in this woman’s career in Drum & Bass.

Meet Indigo Reign. Who? Well, if you've been around the jungle and drum & bass scene any time over the last three decades, you'll know her by the name Lady MC. After all, she was one of the very few women to make it onto line-ups in the testosterone-heavy world of nineties rave emceeing so she was hard to miss. If you heard a woman's voice on a DnB tape pack back in the day, there's a very good chance it was her. Even that would be legacy enough, given the doors she helped open for todays generation of female artists, but that's just the beginning.

And, anyway, that was Lady MC, the rough-hewn, dance-hyping, gun-finger brandishing spitter, born in the rave and trained on the stage. That's a previous incarnation. Indigo Reign takes things to a whole new level, taking those years of experience and alchemically transmuting them into brand-new possibilities.

She toured with hip-hop royalty like Afrika Bambaataa and Kool Herc. She fronted the live DnB band Dust 21. She played on a roll-call of the most iconic stages in the scene; from the rough, rugged, and raw Telepathy and Hysteria, to Let it Roll, to the soulfulness of Spearhead and Hospitality and among her many awards picked up the Lifetime Achievement Award 2020 (D&B Awards).

This woman has done so much, and yet, somehow, there is still more to come. Combining her passion for music with her drive to inspire and help others, Indigo Reign is more than just an emcee, she's a powerful leader. Was recognised by the late Queen (MBE) for her charity, Young Urban Arts Foundation, a TedX Speaker, her ongoing campaign to help build a DnB community in Kenya, and her evolution as an artist, even after all these years in the business, there are still greater depths to explore.

A pioneering artist and activist is writing the next chapter of their story, powered by nearly thirty years of hard-won experience and carrying a powerful message, and you can catch a slice of her energy, every first Saturday of the month for your listening pleasure.