Every Saturday Emerald brings you her favourite, brand new and forthcoming selections across the UK underground left field club spectrum. With a wide genre knowledge base, championing unsung heroes, break-out producers and pioneering talent, Emerald has a keen ear for the rare and exceptional.


Not only is Emerald one of our most unique and genre-fluid DJs, she’s also family. Championing a sound rooted in UK bass driven club music, and dedicated to breaking the newest talent across a wide spectrum of scenes, her passion for the culture leaves us with no other choice than to keep her at the forefront of our programming. Continuously pushing the brightest homegrown talents across multiple genres, her mix of curatorial abilities, attitude and intelligence positions her uniquely in a rich London scene. Her trajectory since joining us has been limitless, matching her multi-genre approach as a selector. Whether it’s hosting our daily Drive Time show, DJing for M.I.A on her world tour, working with female-representation initiatives, or her recent focus on the UK underground sound, her reputation as one of London’s key rising tastemakers is cemented. Take a deep dive into her show and hear what she’s got in store for you next.