Swedish DJ, A&R, and all round tastemaker, Denaas takes over with a show filled with fresh new music covering Trap, Drill, Afrobeats, and everything in between.


Denaas is a London based DJ and a&r from Sweden who has paved her way in as a taste maker and crowd controller within the London scene and nightlife. Through her skill and mixing hip hop and its many sub-genres she is known for keeping the crowd on their toes.

From boat parties in Ibiza, gala after party in Sweden to LFW, Denaas has mastered the art of mixing of songs and genres and likes to put the crowd through an exciting roller coaster.

She is also known for her ability to spot and connect any emerging talent, through her creativity and skills she has connected multiple artists, producers, stylists and creators.

As late as last year the album “more to life“ by Sweden based artist Yasin won a grammy for hip hop Album of the year, A&R by Denaas and produced by several London, US and Swedish producers and engineers.

In 2022 Denaas will continue building the bridge between UK, Sweden and the rest of the world connecting more artists, producers and creators. Whether it be being a part of the productive process or getting the crowd moving in the clubs worldwide, Denaas is known to be all-round tastemaker.