Bok Bok

South London’s Bok Bok (aka One Bok) runs the gamut of grassroots club music, exploring Grime, House and beyond. With many diverse styles in the mix, the show is guaranteed to be eclectic but always remains rooted in UK sound system music.


Alex Sushon, who goes by Bok Bok, is a DJ, producer and co-founder of the London labels Night Slugs and AP Life. Moving from Ukraine to South London in 1992, Bok discovered music through jungle and garage which saturated his new UK environment, eventually leading them to the introduction of grime music through the capital’s pirate radio stations. A hunger for raw club sounds soon drew Bok beyond grime and to other highly compatible music styles through the realms of house, US club, rap and techno - a combined blend of international club music with a London sound system mentality at its core. Bok eventually progressed to producing music, first experimenting with bootlegs and remixes before creating original beats, including collaborations with Girl Unit, Jam City, Ikonika and Kingdom. Bok, alongside L-Vis 1990 (aka Dance System), started Night Slugs in 2008 as a party and home for the new wave of club music emerging from their crew before formulating as a record label in 2010. In 2021, Bok launched a new record label, AP Life, alongside Croydon artist Nammy Wams and Barcelona-based designer Jose Hernández. The label currently serves several releases knee-deep into exploring a new skool of 140bpm+ UK beats.