To Van Kao

invite Nammy Wams


To Van Kao invite Nammy Wams producteur de drill et de grime anglais, avec des sorties chanmé sur notamment AP Life label de Bok Bok, : belles mélodies avec de l'émotion au rendez-vous.

Nammy Wams' mixes are like crash courses in the finest new drill, rap and grime in the UK. Crisp, icy beats swerve and flutter beneath the gravelly flows of prominent MCs, while agile transitions reveal a DJ who is endlessly excited to show as much of the music he loves as possible to as many people as possible. A prolific radio host, and a talented producer in his own right, he hosts a weekly slot on Croydon FM, and has created an essential platform for forward-thinking UK sounds in just a few short years. With previous guest spots on NTS and Rinse FM, on shows by the legendary Marcus Nasty and The Brigade Network, with whom he is a close affiliate, the Elephant & Castle-born selector has become an enthusiastic and crucial voice in spotlighting these revolutionary new waves of young British music.