• Patryce Choclet Banks
    It's Lovin' Time
  • Ruby Winters
    Treat Me Right
  • Van McCoy
    Jet Setting
  • Muscles
    I'm A Girl Watcher
  • Love Unlimited
    I Did It For Love
  • Cheese
    I Got Love
  • Ace Spectrum
    Don't Send Nobody Else
  • L.T.D
    Dance 'N' Sing 'N'
  • Sylvester
    Doin' It For The Real Thing
  • Sylvester
    I'll Dance To That
  • Roy Ayers
    Baby Bubba
  • Rene & Angela
    Bangin' The Boogie
  • The Gospel According To Luke & James
  • The Don DeGrate Delegation
    He's Somebody To Me
  • C.J. & Co
    Sure Can't Go To The Moon
  • 2 2-Steppers At 2
  • David Ruffin
    Don't You Go Home
  • The Ritchie Family
    You Can Always Count On Me
  • Ronnie Dyson
    One Man Band
  • Dionne Warwick
    (I'm) Just Being Myself
  • Billy Paul
    Let 'Em In
  • Future Flight
    Walk Don't Run
  • Kokomo
    Ain't Never Heard The Boogie
  • Belle Farm Estates
  • Platinum Hook
    Standin' On The Verge (Of Gettin' It On)
  • Herb Alpert
    Aranjuez (Mon Amour)
  • Major Lance
    Wild And Free
  • Teri DeSario
    Ain't Nothing Gonna Keep Me From You
  • Candi Staton
    One More Try

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