Together Alone avec ANGÉ b2b Sugar Rody & Curses


Dark Wave Dungeon Disco Acid NRG Body Music mayhem from Tallin Estonia's ANGÉ & Sugar Rody. Curses has a quick chat with the duo as well as plays a few tracks at the end.

@cursesforever is known to mix his rock & roll roots with the darker side of disco, with influences from EBM, new wave, psychedelic synths and post-punk. On his show, he likes to invite guests who all pride themselves on their own unique interpretation of post-punk, 80s, electronic music, and encouraging them to explore their roots and get out of their club music comfort zone.

Listen to Together Alone every 2nd Saturday of the month, from 20h to 22h [CET] on

« Beaucoup de gomina et une rose en guise de cœur » d’après notre programmateur, « un Peperoncino [piment rouge] » d’après ses propres mots - Curses, c’est un univers qui balance entre romantisme noir et impertinence spicy.