Camion Bazar

VA release show with Gallegos


Beyond the concept of being a wheelable musical stage, the @camionbazar is also a monthly meeting on Rinse, driven by Romain & Benedetta. After securing its spot on the electronic music scene, the duo now makes sure to provide everyone with catchy tunes to dance to, from house and minimal rock to hip-hop and jazz.

  • Camion Bazar
    L.A.L.Y (Vitess remix)
    Jaki Records
  • Vitess
    Chevry Agency
  • Camion Bazar
    Beow (Voodoos & Taboos remix)
    Jaki Records
  • Voodoos & Taboos
    Tokyo Synthetica
    Voodoos & Taboos records
  • Camion Bazar
    Baby 100 Coins (Ruff Stuff remix)
    Jaki Records
  • Ruff Stuff
    Ruff Stuff music
  • Camion Bazar
    YLB (OCB Wristbreaker remix)
    Jaki Records
  • OCB aka Driss Bennis
    Doja edit
  • Camion Bazar
    Bombackir (LB aka LABAT remix)
    Jaki Records
  • LB aka Labat
    Lose you in the dark
  • Camion Bazar
    Nina (Gallegos Noonoo's mix)
    Jaki Records
  • Gallegos
    No trade no nothing
    Aurore 404 Records
  • Guitarrita
  • Felipe Gordon
    For Martha - (Kai Alce NDATL Club Mix)
    Clone records
  • Masters at work
    Apes Groove (Original Mix)
    K-dope music
  • Unknown
  • Men From The Nile
    Watch Them Come (Green Velvet Remix
    Undaground Therapy Muzik
  • Underground Network
    Sound Factory Bar (UN Main Mix)
    Label Worx
  • Heal My Heart
    Kerri Chandler, Terrence Parker
    BPM King Street Sounds
  • United Funk Pilots
    Time To Rock A Party (Club Mix
    Henry Street Music
  • Maxime Robillard
    I Call Upon House (Mike Servito pump mix)
    The Bunker New York
  • Gallegos
    Take The Standing 8 Count
  • Paul Reyner
    On Ya Toes Records
  • Undivulged
    De Tweede
  • Gaetano Parisio aka Gaetek
    Act One
  • Kinky Roland
    Broadway (EP Mix)
    More protein
  • Moby
    Go! (Woodtick mix)
    Instinct records
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Derrière Camion Bazar, il y a Benedetta et Romain, a.k.a. un des duos de la scène électronique française les plus installés à l’heure actuelle.