Thunda Banton is a recording artist from London, who is also known for his DJ and MC work. He started out on Reggae Sound Systems in the late 80’s, as a young teenager, and this was to become a journey, which would eventually see him in the studio, using those same Reggae flows, on Jungle music as an MC. This was then transferred over to House & Garage, where he had a few released songs on vinyl. The biggest one to date, was a tune called 'Ruff, Tuff N Ready', produced by JJ Louis & Jade Lion (Southside Recs) in the year 2000. Between the year 2000 - 2004 he had more released songs (Crimescene, Summer Time & No Calling feat Leanne). After this time, Thunda decided that, as he had been an MC on Jungle/DnB for so many years, that it was time to take it to the next level, and actually get into the recording studios and voice some Jungle DnB songs! And so, it begun!! First releases on the Jungle DnB side of things were ‘Ring The Alarm’ produced by Bizzy B and then ‘YoYo’ produced by Jubbz (formerly known as Supply & Demand aka 1 half of Beat Merchants) which Thunda featured on, alongside K2 Family & El Natural. In 2008, Thunda met Macky Gee, and this was really the beginning of a barrage of music being recorded, over years to come. Producers that Thunda has worked with adn continues to work with include: JJ Louis & Jade Lion, Marvel & Eli, Supply & Demand, Bizzy B, DJ Luck & Shy Cookie, Macky Gee, Ironlung, Rowney G13, Raz, Margaman aka True Spirit, Toxin, Pappa G, Too Greezey, Sunship, Beat Merchants, Jinx, to name but a few! Thunda’s music has recently been heard regularly on stations such as Kiss FM, from his first release, to his most recent releases. Loads more brand new music coming soon, as Thunda Banton is moving like a machine in the recording sessions. NON STOP! So watch this space!

Beatmerchants & Thunda Banton