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Rinse:01 – Geeneus


“Other stations are not really like us” exclaims new music fan, producer, grime godfather Geeneus; the DJ behind the debut studio mix from seminal east London station, Rinse. And he’s right.

Rinse:01 is the first in a series of mixes to capture the styles and sounds of London’s most unique and influential station. Representing a snapshot of the output, it takes, in the freshest grime, dubstep and funky to represent not what was big two years ago, nor what will be big next year, but what’s literally doing it, right now, in urban London 2007.

The mix is symbolic of what a unifying force Rinse’s airwaves are, uniting under one banner the A-list of raw, underground London sounds. “I didn’t want to mix it in different sections,” explains Geeneus, “that would have been boring.”

The result is quite the opposite, a rapid-fire mix between the new, gnarly riff-style dubstep and the best vocal grime riddims, topped off with some organic London funky. From Coki Digital Mystikz to Skream, Skepta and Wiley to Jelly Jams (Geeneus and drum & bass ‘ DJ Zinc go house), the mix rolls through cutting edge acts, most of whom are on Rinse itself. The quick mixing style was one Geeneus developed by hanging round as a teenager with future grime don, DJ Slimzee. “I move quickly, so I’m constantly in the mix,” he adds.

Rinse was born in East London out of necessity: a staggering 13 years ago a group of school kids and music friends wanted to get on radio but couldn’t. In true pioneering, DIY spirit, they started their own station. “We were only young, we didn’t know what we were doing,” he laughs.

Over the years – at first through jungle and UK garage, then grime, dubstep and house – a stream of unique talents have emerged, each using Rinse’s reach to get heard, when no one else would listen. From Dizzee Rascal to Wiley, Lethal Bizzle to Ms Dynamite and JME, no station has given such a voice to UK urban London. “Rinse is a community, we help each other out,” insists Geeneus.

The station has also been quick to embrace new technology, appearing on iTunes podcasts and blogs, MySpace and MSN messenger. It is a two part reflection of Geeneus’ mindstate. “I love new technology,” he explains of the first part, “I believe the future will be better.” But also it reflects his passion for getting exciting new music out to people, whatever the medium, wherever they are.

“I support new music, I want it to do well: I wanna be like that kid in school that slipped you a great new mixtape.”

Rinse:01 is that mixtape.

Martin Clark. London, August 2007.



  • 01 Spyro – Headhunter
  • 02 Intensive Snare – Plastician feat. Skepta
  • 03 Rhythm & Gash – Rebound X
  • 04 Night – Benga & Coki
  • 05 Warning – D.O.K
  • 06 Alright – Magnetic Man
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