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Meditate EP


Billon’s Meditate EP is the follow-up to their 2013 Rinse debut Turn It Around EP.

The Meditate EP finds the trio continuing to explore the sound they’ve been honing since forming at the beginning of 2013. Its four tracks put firm emphasis on sustained club-centred groove, combining the subtle me- lodic flourishes of classic New York deep house with a wild, unruly ap- proach to bass that recalls UK garage. So lead track ‘Meditate’ is shot through with droning synthlines that are abruptly thrown off balance by pendulum-swing bass that blasts the track into rapturous overdrive. ‘Platypus’ is harder, bass melding with melodies into a staccato pulse amid flickering hand-struck percussion. On ‘Broken’, the low-end bucks and growls, running an undertow of tension beneath its glittering piano chords and diced vocals. ‘Last Out’ is cooler and collected, gathering its energy into a series of stabbing motifs – one for sinking deep into the mix during the middle of a long set.



£ 2.49



  • 01 Broken
  • 02 Last Out
  • 03 Meditate
  • 04 Platypus

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