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“What I like about Rinse is that you can play what you want,” says Redlight. “It’s also a community led station, and it does feel like that. It’s nice to be involved with something that’s not about money. For me it’s not about going out there, pushing myself and puffing my chest – it’s about playing good music to an audience that listens.”

Growing up in Bristol in the 90s, Redlight became immersed within the vibrant electronic music scene there at the time – “it was really inspiring,” he says, “soaking up loads of music and stuff, not really knowing what was happening until [I looked back] later” – which led him to start producing his own tracks.

Over the last few years he has gathered acclaim for a string of tracks melding the syncopated rhythms of garage and funky with blasts of synth and sub-bass that recall grime and electro – see ‘What You Talking About!?’, 2010’s cross-genre hit featuring a firey turn from Ms. Dynamite. His DJ sets now are genre-hopping and energetic things, taking a varied approach that’s intensified in his Rinse shows: “I play everything that I’d normally play,” he says, “but I can just dive a bit deeper and have a bit more fun, experiment, and play tunes that aren’t meant for the club.”

So his show offers a broader space to approach music than touring and producing as Redlight. The same is true of his label Lobster Boy, which releases vinyl-only, rhythm-driven dance music by himself and close contemporaries. They’re connections back to the scene and attitude that nurtured him. “It’s having a balance,” he emphasises, “because for me I am part of British underground music culture. It’s what I’ve been brought up on, it’s what I’m passionate about, and I need it in my life.”


"...it's about playing good music to an audience that listens..."

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