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Scratcha’s is a name and personality instantly synonymous with Rinse FM. Until recently he was the host of Rinse’s long-running and much-loved Grimey Breakfast Show, playing a variety of sounds, inviting in guests and ushering in the day with a much-needed burst of energy. As an acclaimed producer of warped house, grime and electronic soul, he now heads up the monthly Hyperdub show.

His association with Rinse, however, runs right to the early days of grime, he explains. “From the start I was just going up [to Rinse] when it was in this little shack,” he laughs. “I’ve had that long a history of it. Geeneus was there when he could be bothered to do a show, Terror Danjah had a show as well – so I’d just follow what was going on.” Eventually he asked the station’s management if he could have a show – and they said yes. “So then that was it,” he grins. “I was trapped.”

Originally he was playing a straight-up grime show, but it wasn’t long before Rinse asked him to do something a little different. “I was playing grime, but before that I was playing all sorts of different stuff, so they kind of knew I liked all different things. I used to talk a lot, so they were like ‘Why don’t you do this breakfast thing?’ I thought ‘That’s long’,” he laughs, “but I did breakfast for six years!”

The Hyperdub show offers different possibilities. It frees Scratcha up to explore the stranger recesses of his own tastes, his own music and that of his label, whose wide-ranging explorations across genre have been hugely influential on the current UK musical landscape. “It’s about pushing what I’m doing and the label,” he explains, “and trying to fit other things in as well.”


'Why don't you do this breakfast thing?' I thought 'That's long'," he laughs, "but I did breakfast for six years!'

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