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Dusk & Blackdown

Dusk & Blackdown’s approach stems from a deep-seated love of London’s dance music history and pirate radio culture. Their own productions, their monthly show on Rinse FM and label Keysound Recordings form a symbiotic feedback loop, each fuelling the other. Ultimately though, Blackdown admits, “all channels are filtered through the Rinse show. I’m obsessed with every show being the best it can be.”

That attitude is unsurprising given their long-running connection to the station – they’ve been devoted listeners since the early days of grime. “It’s a massive honour to be on Rinse,” says Blackdown, “and we treat it like that to this day.”

The creativity and energy in early dubstep – they were regulars at FWD>> as the genre was evolving – was a huge inspiration. When they started on Rinse in 2008, explains Blackdown, dubstep was experiencing “massive expansion, rapid change and calcification. So we wanted to represent the bits of dubstep we were interested in and liked, and also where it had come from.”

“At the beginning we felt pressure to highlight where the music had come from,” agrees Dusk, “and to highlight a lot of the old producers that were still making tunes.”

As the London scene has shifted since, so has their show. “It has has definitely evolved,” says Blackdown. “I’ve come to the realisation that our job is not only to continue the tradition of playing upfront new music, but also to zoom in on new talent. What I really want to do now is play music that nobody else is playing, from producers that I think are talented, and can hold themselves musically against anybody else – bring that stuff through.”


"I'm obsessed with every show being the best it can be."

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